No Decisions For Us Without Us: Podcasts

The GFR Self-Advocacy Team’s women empowerment podcast series that advocate for women’s active participation in society and decision-making environments. This podcast series contains three different speeches in four different languages in the following order: English, Farsi,  Arabic, Greek. Challenging Patriarchy:…

The Human Rights Fallacy – 10/12/2021

by Jawad Jafari Today, December 10, coincides with International Human Rights Day. There have been many announcements and conferences around the world about the International Human Rights Day but, unfortunately, these events have more of a publicity aspect and their…

Women Against the Taliban

Afghan women in Greece raise their voices against the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan. The Creative Team: Director: Zahra Mojahed Camera: Jawad Jafari Speakers/Artists: Zahra Mojahed Mahdia Hossaini Nasrin Sultani Fariba Sultani Zahra Gardi Fatima Jafari Text in English: Photene Kalpakioti…

Refugees & Restoration

What if we transform refugee camps into regenerative camps? The first weekend of June was special for many reasons. Not only was it World Environment Day, but also the official launch of the UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration.

Refugee Day 2021: A life-long day

The GFRs Self-Advocacy Team’s youth participates in the Isave Erasmus+ project, second video for International Refugee Day. The Creative Team: Directed & Edited by Saber Ansari Artists: Razia Husseini, Zahra Mojahed, Saber Ansari Camera by Jawad Jafari Narrated by Mahdia…

Man-made Borders

by Razia Husseini Soil is soil… And God did not set a price for the earth when He made man! He did not even set the boundaries with His own hands for His servants to live in.

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