Today, thousands of individuals having been granted with international protection in Greece will remain in the country while the issue of their long-term inclusion raises many concerns.
Considering the economic crisis that has harshly affected the Greek society, the shortfall of inclusion programs as well as the numerous legal and practical obstacles and poor living conditions refugees are facing, it is of paramount importance that a multiplicity of stakeholders join their efforts to provide lasting solutions supporting the refugee and migrant inclusion.
The Greek Forum of Refugees Self-Advocacy Team on Social and Political Inclusion was formed early in 2019 in order to address and tackle these obstacles and provide solutions for the successful and holistic social inclusion of refugees and migrants.

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Open Discussion on Regularization in Greece – 12/11/2022

On Saturday the 12th of November 2022, at the premises of the Ivory Coast Community of Greece we held an open discussion on the issue of the regularization of undocumented migrants in Greece,


The Self-Advocacy Team (SAT) of the Greek Forum of Refugees (GFR) is looking for new skillful individuals of migrant/refugee background to join our Team and engage in our AMIF project titled DEPART. The new members will have the opportunity to…

For me, for you, for us…

by Mahdia Hossaini I am full of anger these days.  These days are strangely difficult. These days, all my thoughts are in my birthplace (Iran) and my parents’ hometown (Afghanistan).  Sometimes I cry for the Afghan girls who were killed…

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