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The Self Advocacy Team (SAT) is a group of people with refugee, migrant and 2nd generation background working on proposing and implementing ideas for social and political inclusion for refugees and migrants in the Greek society.

Greece has faced migration issues for more than 20 years. Thousands of refugees and migrants are living in Greece with the hope of building a better future. The latter implies living and working for their and their families sustainability, therefore possessing the rights and obligations to perform different activities in order to work and  contribute to society. The approach used so far for handling refugee issues was based on an authoritarian model where refugees and migrants don’t contribute to decision making. Experience shows that these models are failing since they don’t take into account cultural elements and past experiences. Promoting a strong democracy in a fair society complies with the fact of using refugee and migrant ideas aiming at implementing a functional system which gratifies everyone’s fulfilment.

The SAT activities revolve around:

  • Encouraging collaboration between refugees, migrants and locals
  • Advocate for refugees and migrants rights to decisions makers
  • Promoting refugees and migrant access to higher educational platforms in accordance to their capacity.
  • Facilitating discussions between refugees, migrants and politicians aiming at reducing the the gap between them, encouraging a better understanding of issues and deletion of misconceptions from both parts.
  • Cooperation with several relevant actors that work on a more inclusive Greek and European society.
  • Implementing programs regarding community empowerment and encouragement in addressing common issues they face in the Greek society.
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