April 4, 2022

Messengers of peace

by Mahdia Hossaini I’m a woman!  The one who is afraid of the sound of a bomb.  The one who hates war.  The one who trembles when she holds a gun.  The one who has shed tears and wished for…

The Human Rights Fallacy – 10/12/2021

by Jawad Jafari Today, December 10, coincides with International Human Rights Day. There have been many announcements and conferences around the world about the International Human Rights Day but, unfortunately, these events have more of a publicity aspect and their…

Man-made Borders

by Razia Husseini Soil is soil… And God did not set a price for the earth when He made man! He did not even set the boundaries with His own hands for His servants to live in.

I am a Refugee!

by Mahdia Hossaini I am a refugee. My parents are refugees. My brothers and sisters are also refugees. My grandparents were also refugees. We are a generation that has been carrying the burden of being a refugee for many years.

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