Before making a decision imagine being a refugee… – 11/09/2020

by Palwasha Ashrafi

Fire in Moria!! We lost everything that we had in our homeland then we became refugees and came to Europe to have a safe place and to build our future. Once again we lost everything. Our small tent or container that supposed to be our home burned in front of our eyes. 

It wasn’t just a tent that was burned, it was our future, our dreams, our comfort. We don’t know how long it will take to make those documents again, how long it will take for the Greek government and European union to make a decision about us! 

But we want from the people who judge us from the Greek government and European union that before making a decision about us we ask you to just suppose that you were a refugee for one day, imagine that your small tent or container is burning in front of your eyes, imagine that you’re living in the streets with your family, imagine that during the night you have nothing to cover your children and during the day you can’t find a shade for your children, your children ask for water and food but you don’t have money. You still don’t know how long you would be there. 

We know how difficult it is to imagine. Please do this before making a decision for those children, which are crying because they don’t have a small place to feel that they are safe. Let’s see how you will react!!!

Press Here to read it in Farsi

Artwork: “We are not Zombies” by Sahar Ebrahimi, March 2020,Moria


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