A Mother waiting for Justice – 06/10/2020


Mahdia Hosseini

Tomorrow is an important day. It’ s an important day for all those who seek justice. I have been listening perpetually the story of the famous Greek rapper for four and a half years. I’ ve seen pictures of his face. Ever since, I have always wondered why one would sacrifice one’s life to defend equal human rights and humanity, yet another kills a human being because of xenophobia.

His image is one of the pictures recorded in my Greek memoir album. In addition to his legacy, what motivated and inspired me even more to write is his mother’s stature and story. The face of a strong woman, a woman who is a symbol of justice for me in Greece.  A woman that stands by her son’s beliefs and continues on his path. A woman that is not afraid of anything. Sometimes I saw her crying in the pictures; sometimes I remembered the calmness that rippled in her eyes. Sometimes I shudder at her outcry against injustice, and sometimes her smile inspired me.

Tonight is a strange night; I can feel that one cannot sleep even for a moment. But tonight I think of you, your son and the way forward to tomorrow’ s court…. and to a sentence that may define justice for me also.

I will always think about the way that you stand at the forefront of justice and that after five and a half years you never backed down even for a moment. Know that the existence of people like you and all those that did not leave your side in these five and a half years, that I saw so many times in pictures how much of a support they were for you preventing your fall caused by the burden of grief, made the hard days of migration a little easier for me.

In every picture that you cried, know that my eyes were filled with tears. Know that whenever you shouted, you gave voice to the cries trapped in my own throat, the ones that suffocate me. Your cries are the cries for justice.

You would’ve never known that your son is a role model for my brothers and that you are a role model for me and my sisters. Whatever the court’s ruling may be, you and your son will be our Greek heroes forever.



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