Today, thousands of individuals having been granted with international protection in Greece will remain in the country while the issue of their long-term inclusion raises many concerns.
Considering the economic crisis that has harshly affected the Greek society, the shortfall of inclusion programs as well as the numerous legal and practical obstacles and poor living conditions refugees are facing, it is of paramount importance that a multiplicity of stakeholders join their efforts to provide lasting solutions supporting the refugee and migrant inclusion.
The Greek Forum of Refugees Self-Advocacy Team on Social and Political Inclusion was formed early in 2019 in order to address and tackle these obstacles and provide solutions for the successful and holistic social inclusion of refugees and migrants.

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Spiraling into a new Dark Age

by Mahdia Hossaini I’m a woman. The one who after twenty years of running, trying, listening to sarcasm and insults, has reached a stage where I could take steps forward, but suddenly the enemy re-appeared.

Women Against the Taliban

Afghan women in Greece raise their voices against the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan. The Creative Team: Director: Zahra Mojahed Camera: Jawad Jafari Speakers/Artists: Zahra Mojahed Mahdia Hossaini Nasrin Sultani Fariba Sultani Zahra Gardi Fatima Jafari Text in English: Photene Kalpakioti…

Refugees & Restoration

What if we transform refugee camps into regenerative camps? The first weekend of June was special for many reasons. Not only was it World Environment Day, but also the official launch of the UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration.

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