DEPART: Partner Meeting in Barcelona

On the 20th and 21st of January 2023, the partners of the project DEPART materialised the transnational partners meeting in the cities of Barcelona and Girona respectively.

This event gave a great opportunity to the partners involved in the project to bond even more with each other, discuss the progress and future tasks, as well as the challenges that they face in the project, and exchange good practises and solutions that would tackle them.

The most important moment of the meeting was the second day in Girona where the partner NGOs and Municipalities got to meet the Self-Advocacy Team of the Asocolgi Organization and engaged in an amazing and fruitful conversation about the objectives of the project and the issues that migrants and refugees face in Spain. This session was an eye-opener to the rest of the partners as it revealed the similarities as well as the differences in migration policies of the different countries involved. The self-advocates of the Ascologi team, who have already gone through the empowerment workshops that DEPART offers, presented in a clear manner their cases, concerns and hopes for the future. For SAT of Girona the next step is to meet with policy makers and work on pilot-policies that would tackle the everyday issues the migrant population there struggles with.

The partners left the SAT meeting in Girona with a promise to its members to bring together all the Self-Advocacy Teams of the different countries in the hope to create strong bonds between the teams and create a united front that would advocate in the future on an EU level.

To find out more about the DEPART project follow this link.


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