The Piraeus Open School of Immigrants joins DEPART

The SAT is happy to announce its cooperation with the Piraeus Open School of Immigrants. After several meetings with the coordinator team of the school and a presentation of the project DEPART’s tasks and objectives, new advocates showed interest in the project and joined the SAT.

The newly formed team will attend several workshops regarding advocacy strategies, public speech, communication strategies, the national and EU’s political scene and the rights and obligations of migrants in Europe gaining in this way the necessary tools to cooperate with policy makers and produce pilot-policies that would tackle issues that the migrant communities face in Greece. You can find more details about the project following this link.

Also, find below more information about the Piraeus Open School of Immigrants:

“The Piraeus Open School of Immigrants has been active in the field of solidarity educational work since 2005. In 2006 it took the legal form of an Association whose ultimate goal is the educational, social and political empowerment of migrants and refugees, living in our country.

All these years of our operation, thousands of immigrants of different ethnicities and hundreds of solidarity volunteers have participated actively in our classrooms. Our annual curriculum includes various Greek Level courses: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 with the aim of obtaining the corresponding language certificates, remedial teaching classes, Reading-Writing, History and Culture. At the same time we operate foreign-language departments of different levels, cultural and artistic interest classes, as well as IT training.

Our program of events and actions contains visits to archaeological sites, museums and landmarks in Athens and the provinces. We also participate in anti-racism, anti-fascist festivals, seminars and thematic workshops on solidarity educational work as well as modern social problems that concern us all, Greeks and Immigrants.

Intercultural education and the interaction between different cultures combat fear and discrimination and strengthen the democratization of our society, thus supporting the right to diversity against all forms of marginalization or exclusion. The active participation of sensitized citizens, volunteer teachers and students continues to be the only asset in our effort to maintain the solidarity educational work consistent over the years.

Piraeus Open School of Immigrants is not a Non-Governmental Organization. We call for respect for human rights, with emphasis on Education, Health and Work issues, aiming both at the smooth integration of immigrants and refugees residing in our country and the support of all vulnerable social groups, regardless of ethnic origin, religion, gender identity and sexual orientation.

All courses at the Piraeus Open School of Immigrants are provided free of charge”.

For more info about the Piraeus Open School of Immigrants follow this link.


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