Support Elia, a 7 years old child diagnosed with Phenylketonuria

The Greek Forum of Refugees initiates this call to action in order to support Elia Ahmadi, son of the asylum seeker and member of our association Rahim Ahmadi. Elia Ahmadi is a 7-year-old boy that is diagnosed with Phenylketonuria (PKU),

a rare inherited disorder of the amino-acid metabolism. This disorder, if left untreated, exposes the patients to severe mental retardation and physical handicap. This outcome can only be prevented with a lifelong nutritional therapy that includes a protein restricted diet and supplementation of Amino Acids, Vitamins and Micronutrients. The patient has to go through examination of the phenylalanine levels in his body every 15 days and an annual regular medical examination under a clinical environment. The monthly cost of the therapy in Greece reaches 803,35€ an amount which befalls this family of 4 people that has no access to benefits and their asylum application has been rejected twice. Needless to say that this kind of therapy could not be provided either in Afghanistan, Iran or Turkey; places that the family have already been to and asked for assistance.

Even in Greece, the medication Elia needs is unavailable to him – the family is forced to rely on charity and expired medication. A few families fly to Germany but nobody knows how they are selected. In addition to other reasons for seeking asylum in Europe such as wars and hostile environments, Elias’s illness comes to complete the family’s struggle. Yet in the face of these dangers and hardship, they received repeated refusals for granting little Elia refuge. The family has already two asylum rejections and a negative appeal decision too. The small financial support available to them, the cash card, was cut off over two years ago. The family has also been deprived of identity documents – their documents were revoked when their case was rejected. Finally, at the end of last year, they were granted a form of humanitarian status. Still, they wait in limbo with no form of ID. Without the ID the parents cannot find a job, cannot rent a house,  cannot provide for their children. On top of all this, the family was from their temporary accommodation, under the threat of police enforcement. Today the family lives in a hostel, again on temporary status. Both of the sons had to stop going to school due to this turnout.

We are calling out to all relevant authorities, organizations, businesses, and individuals in the hope for them to join the Greek Forum of Refugees efforts towards this family, by providing the necessary material and financial assistance to Elia Ahmadi and his family in order for him to survive.

You can support little Elia by pressing the following link: Support Elia


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